Choosing the right styles for the woman in your life

Posted on December 4th, 2012

As a Personal Stylist, I know what women want, and it has nothing to do with how much something costs. That thing about “It’s the thought that counts”? It’s so true!

But if the thought of hitting the shops searching for the elusive “perfect gift” for your significant other makes you break out in a sweat, don’t worry guys, I’ve got you covered.

The key to picking the perfect gift for a woman is showing her that you “get” her. Especially when it comes to clothing! So, to help you out, I have created a cheat sheet on style details that are best suited for each body shape – so you can be sure to pick the most flattering piece(s) for your other half.

First up, the Hourglass Shape.

This shape is defined as one in which the shoulders and hips are the same width, and there is a defined waist. The key with this shape is to go for shaped pieces (as opposed to boxy) that mimic the curved lines of the body and focus attention on the defined waistline. Soft flowing fabrics like knits are best (as opposed to stiff ones) because they will help accentuate and complement the curves of the Hourglass shaped woman. A great option would be a wrap top or any other style that is shaped through the waist, or a fun belt she could wear to wrap around and show off that tiny waist of hers!

The Triangle Shape

It is similar to the Hourglass in that she also has a shaped and defined waist, the difference though is that the Triangle shape has much narrower shoulders in comparison to her hips and thighs (which are her widest area). The key with this body shape is to bring the focus on the upper body with colour, pattern, volume, and accessories. So, a nice patterned top in a bright colour, or a funky scarf or statement necklace to help bring the eye up and away from the lower body would be a great choice for this shape.

The Inverted Triangle

On the other hand, The Inverted Triangle is the exact opposite of the Triangle in that their shoulders (and sometimes fuller bust) are wider than their narrower lower body. The style solution here is to focus attention on the lower half by adding more volume there while keeping the top half of the body in darker or more muted tones, and solid colours. At the same time, if you can create the illusion of a waist with tops that are shaped through the midsection, even better! A great way to do this (and a very popular style right now), is with a Peplum style top or dress.

Next up, the Rectangle Shape!

This particular shape has shoulders and a bust line that is roughly the same width as their hips, but they have little to no shape through the waist. They really go straight up and down, and can be petite or plus sized – but because of their shape, they often have an athletic look to them. The key here is to bring the eye up to (and above) the bust, and below the waist with eye catching details like prints, textures, ruffles, embellishments, etc. Accessories that bring the eye up like necklaces and earrings will do the trick as well.

Diamond Shape

Lastly, is the Diamond Shape who carries her weight around her midsection. Again, she can be petite or plus sized – this shape has nothing o do with being overweight. She just has a midsection that is fuller than her shoulders and hips. The idea here is to create interest around the face, bust, or legs, and help minimize the midsection. A great way to do this is with a top that has ruching around the tummy area which helps disguise a fuller midsection. Go for a style that has a lower neckline to bring the eye up toward the face and bust, and finish it off with a spectacular necklace to keep the eye up and away from the middle and you have a perfect look for this shape!


So guys, if you can keep your other half’s body shape in mind when shopping for clothing and accessories for them, and you should be just fine.

But if you’re still intimidated by the thought of doing it on your own though, maybe a gift certificate for a session with a Personal Stylist will be more up her alley? Give her the Gift of Style with a Practical Fashionista gift certificate – the gift that keeps on giving!

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